Badger Fisherman's League

Established 1934

The Badger Fisherman's League is an organization dedicated to the interests of conservation in Wisconsin.  Established in 1934, the Badger Fisherman's League is the oldest conservation club in the State of Wisconsin.  Throughout the years we have contributed to many important changes to conservation legislation and have had the privilege of serving many area communities with our events.  In 1950, the club donated the proceeds from our annual picnic to the Milwaukee County Park Commission to help build a boat landing on Lake Michigan and put a fence around Government Pier.  In 1956 the Milwaukee County Zoo received a gift of $500.00 from the club to bring Cormorants to their exhibits.  Our Vernon Marsh wood duck house project which is still in existence today began in 1977 when we worked with a group of handicapped children to construct and place 12 wood duck houses in the marsh. Through the years we have worked on the Haven Woods Forest, Paradise Springs river reconstruction, Lepper Pond reconstruction in Menomonee Falls and our Kids Fishing Clinics.  Members of the Badger Fisherman's League volunteer to participate in these events and help to make them very successful.  The club has won numerous awards from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation for the efforts we have put forth.  In April of 2009 the Badger Fisherman's League was awarded Conservation Educator of the Year from the Federation.  We have seen a lot of changes over the past 81 years and are proud to be an important part of conservation today.  Thank you to all of our members who work so hard to make the Badger Fisherman's League a success!

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