Badger Fisherman's League

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The Badger Fisherman's League holds events throughout the year for the members of the club and their children and grandchildren.

BFL Club Member Fishing Contest

The Club runs a year long fishing contest open to all members, with prizes for every club member who enters a qualifying fish.  A qualifying fish will need to meet the requirements specified in the Fishing Rules and Contest Requirements page.  You can view the BFL Club's Current Records held.

Club Fishing Outings

Club members gather at Wisconsin lakes and rivers several times a year to enjoy fishing and a good time with friends. These take place on Saturdays, Weeknights, and even for whole weekends on overnight outings. For the latest information on the previous and upcoming outings please view our Calendar.  You can view the past Club Member Fishing Outing Contest Records.

Member Son & Daughter

Each year the club holds this activity to bring our youth together for conservation related education and/or activity.

Anniversary Parties

Every 5 year's the we hold an event for all members to celebrate the success and longevity of the oldest conservation club in Wisconsin.

Kids Christmas Party

As the holidays approach the BFL holds an annual Christmas party just for members children and grandchildren.  Complete with entertainment, food and beverages, and a visit from none other than Santa bearing gifts for each child.